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Why go solar?

Solar energy must be used because it contributes to the preservation of the environment, it is a source of clean and renewable energy, helping to save electricity.

In addition to the various benefits presented, it has an easy installation, adds value to your property and in some cases, you can produce up to 100% of the total value of your electricity bill.

Save up to 100% off of your current electric bill and add more value for your home.

Cleaner, safer and more reliable than other electric solutions.

No house too big or small - all homes can benefit from going solar


Our solution ranges from drawing, technical visit to feasibility assessment, Project, engineer, permits and all regularization procedures.

We prepare everything for you, be carefree.

Sunlight Solar is a family owned, Florida based company!

We are based out of Orlando and Boca Raton, FL and have serviced all of Florida since 2003 having done over 5000 installations and are widely considered one of the best or the best solar and battery back up installation company in Florida.

Our goal is your satisfaction, we do it the right way.

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Sunlight Solar Since 2003

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